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'These three remain: Faith, Hope and Love.  But the greatest of these is Love' 1 Corinthians 13:13

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Katherine Bennett

Katherine was born in December 1976 to an Irish Catholic mother who, despite medical advice to terminate her pregnancy, chose life, chose agape. 

Katherine has a BA in Theology, an MA in Philosophy and has taught Religious Education in London for over 20 years, she has weekly conversations about the faith on her You Tube channel Choose Agape, is a 'Catholic Voice' defending the Catholic Church in the public square.  She was commissioned as deanery mentor for evangelisation in Southwark by Archbishop John Wilson in March 2022.  In late 2022 Katherine began weekly conversations on YouTube with Gavin Ashenden and Mark Lambert which can be found at 'Catholic Unscripted'.  Katherine has written numerous articles for the Catholic Herald which are reposted here.


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Steven Rummelsburg on authentic Catholic education and the search for truth.

Steven Rummelsburg on authentic Catholic education and the search for truth.

Steven Rummelsburg and I compare notes on Catholic Education; exposing some of the problems and considering some solutions. It is important to understand that Catholic anthropology sees the human person having identity in God, an emphasis is therefore made on who each one of us is as a child of God and rejects the idea that our identity lies in some other definition, such as the people we are sexually attracted to or our job, race or physical ability. This guards against injustice because it cannot allow people to be reduced to some other category. To non-Catholic ears it may be difficult to hear someone say that a person is not 'gay', but it is merely to emphasize that they are not defined by their sexuality. It is not to say that the person does not experience same-sex attraction. A reminder to all that the church does not, and never has, condemned persons who experience same-sex attraction, but it condemns all sexual behavior outside of the bond of marriage (which is a lifegiving, lifelong and exclusive commitment between a man and a woman.) God never condemns any person, but calls them to sanctity and to realise their true identity as a beloved child of God. We see this in the stoning of the woman caught in adultery, where Christ says 'Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more.' I am thankful to Steven for elucidating this misunderstanding and for bringing wisdom to a confused culture. Please excuse the technical problems we experienced around 14 mins before the end. Also, I'm not sure I was correct about needing a GCSE level 4 to get into certain trades. If you are interested in authentic Catholic teaching go and check out Stevens fantastic new initiative 'City of Truth' using the link below

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